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Bruges, Belgium 2014


Water Works Development Progression

Some screenshots of the development process behind our educational game, Water Works. We started with a very rough place-holder implementation of a pipe system. With place-holder textures, pipes and buildings to connect to. We made the camera view isometric, added a sloped terrain map and got the pipes working up and down slopes. We started replacing place-holder buildings with final 3d models and we added the new thinner, coloured water pipes. Adding in more 3d art, more varied terrain, and a pump / uphill pressure system implemented. Stress testing with lots of buildings, flooding and downhill water pressure. New-look terrain lighting and river pollution added. New town model looking gorgeous and building UI implemented. Building UI re-built to enable grey-ing out in tutorial levels. Extreme testing and scenario / level construction. Final GUI decided on and implemented. Characters and dialogue finalised, levels populated with foliag